At the inception of Geek This! I was but a lowly grocery store clerk. I spent my shifts in the evenings throwing bags of dog food and cat food onto shelves while listening to an audio format that was still in its infancy. I found shows like Strangers & Aliens and Stuff You Should Know always at the top of my rotation. The more I listened, the more interested I became in learning how I could talk about the things I enjoyed. The Audacity to Podcast entered my world and I knew I had to commit and make a show about something I knew. On December 26th, 2016, I released the first episode of Geek This, Nerd That, which would become the show you know now.

Like most folks my age – millennials, as they’re more widely known – popular culture in the form of cartoons, movies, and comic books wasn’t at the outer edges of my world; it was right there for me to enjoy and revel in. While I don’t regard nostalgia in the same way John Hodgman does, I do hold it as my inspiration for starting this show in 2012. It was fuel and motivation to embrace pop culture and understand what it means to me as an adult versus being a child. Where, exactly, did it fit into my life now?

I’ve learn so much about film-making and what makes the pop culture monster tick in the years since starting the podcast. It’s a gift and a curse in some ways. In the end, though, I know I’ll never let my love for it wane. I’ll always be excited for what’s on the horizon, as well as what came before it. I’ll always have something to be passionate about and something to sink my geek teeth into.

Years later, I’m not a lowly grocery store clerk. I’ve moved up in the world! I’m now working with the podcast hosting company I started with: Blubrry! When I’m not working or thinking about podcasting, I’m watching movies and TV with my wife and two daughters in a small Indiana town.